ECO PLASTICS ROOFING manufactures quality tested and guaranteed polyethylene sheets.
  • Sheet life span is between 20 to 25 years.
  • Polyethylene offers better UV tolerance than poly-carbonate.
  • Our sheets offer versatile roof and side cladding for property improvement.
  • A fair range of colours are available. 
Eco Plastic's sheets offers a broad range of application in structures like:
  • awnings and carports
  • nurseries
  • animal shelters
  • (chicken runs, pet boarding kennels)
  • spray booths
  • car washes
  • garden huts and tool sheds
  • sun rooms
  • floating swimming pool covers
  • patio covering
  • pergolas
  • sky lights in roofs,
  • and many more!

Example of a patio cover