Nursery Roofing

ECO PLASTICS polyethylene sheets are ideal for nurseries. 
The plants are not exposed to direct sun, 
but the sheets allow for enough light to increase plant growth.

Log House roofing

The roof of this log house is made from dark terracotta ECO PLASTICS polyethylene sheets, fascias, and roof caps. 
  It allows plenty of light through.
The built-in UV stabilizer in the sheeting prevents excess heat to make it cool inside the house.

ECO PLASTICS polyethylene sheets are UV resistant.

See the UV transmittance specifications.

Patio Roofing

Entertainment Area covered with light green ECO PLASTICS polyethylene sheets. 
It allows enough light through to the kitchen and lounge area.

Factory Roofing

This AECI factory roof is covered with ECO PLASTICS polyethylene sheets to allow light through to save energy.
 The factory is a chemical plant.
The advantage of ECO PLASTICS polyethylene sheets is that they do not get affected by the chemicals used in the factory.

Side Cladding

Here ECO PLASTICS polyethylene are sheets are used on side cladding in a factory.
The sheets allow light through and save energy.

Top Cladding

This is an example where ECO PLASTICS polyethylene sheets were used in top cladding in a factory. 
The sheets allow light through, save energy and minimize direct sun into the factory.

Timber House Roofing

Another example to illustrate that the sheets allow light through, save energy and minimize direct sun.