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TestValueUnitTest method
MFI (19/2.16)3g/10minASTM D1238
Nominal Density0.939g/cm^3ASTM D1505
Bulk Density330Kg/m^3ASTM D1895
Particle size90% 600umASTM D1921
Flexural modulus800MPaASTM D790
Tensile strength at yield17MPaASTM D638
Elongation at break1000%ASTM D3638
Impact energy at -40 ~C30J/mmASTM D3029
ESCR>500hrASTM D1693
Melting point125~CDSC
Young's modulus550MPaASTM D638
Manufacturing processOpen heat powder coating moulding with heating and UV stabilizer
Nominal thickness2,0 to 3,0 mm
Light Transmission (White)45% - 56%
Light Transmission (Colours)38% - 45%
Weight per linear m1.9 kg

Definition of test methods:

  1. MFI = Melt Flow Index
  2. Flexural Modulus = Stiffness
  3. ESCR = Environmental Stress Crack Resistance


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